Life is Good

Our committee has been working on this campaign for months and we are very excited to be launching it on Monday, April 1st!


For the next two months, we are focusing on Bert and John Jacob’s vision :

Life is not easy
Life is not perfect
Life is good

We will be giving away copies of the Life is Good  book at the library and town hall.


1. How will this work?

Patrons will come to the circulation desk to pick up their copy. The first 100 readers will receive a beautiful purple tote bag with the book inside.  We will be asking people to register in order to receive the book and tote.

2. Do the copies have to be checked out?

No, we want people taking and sharing the book as much as possible.

3. What do people do after they read the book?

They can either return it to the library or pass it on to someone. Each book will have a half sheet included that explains the campaign. On the bottom of the sheet is a place to enter the raffle. There is a decorated box at the first floor circulation desk for entries. We will have lots of extra raffle sheets to pass out to anyone who tells us they read the book.

4. How often will winners be drawn?

Since life is full of surprises we will not be announcing when names will be pulled. Maybe two one week and three the next. There are 8 Life is Good hats and 12 mugs to be given away (see display case in first floor lobby for a look at the swag).


The Life is Good company just launched this program and they are thrilled that we are a part of it. Anytime someone shares a drawing, picture or message to social media with #SOMETHINGGOOD, Life is Good will donate $1 to their children’s charity. It is an absolute win! win! If people aren’t social media users they can also fill out the postcard (also included in the tote bag) and return it to the library and we will submit it.

Please spread the enthusiasm and talk about Life Is Good in the library and all around town! This is something very new for all of us and we would LOVE to hear if you have an idea to make it even more successful!