Local History

Flint Memorial Hall
Flint Memorial Hall, built in 1875

The Genealogy Meet-Up is canceled until further notice. For more information about this event, please email Pat Salt at nrmagenealogy@gmail.com.

The Local History Room has many materials documenting North Reading’s past, including:

-Prominent local families’ genealogies
-Materials by and about famous North Reading residents, such as Rufus Porter, George F. Root, and Clara Louise Burnham
-Historical town maps
-Town Annual Reports (1855-1899) [view online]
-Street directories dating back to 1909
-A register of town historical buildings [view online]
-Oral history tapes and transcripts
-North Reading High School yearbooks (1958-2002, 2005-2012) [view online]
-Rare texts such as A History of North Reading by Samuel LePage and Anniversary of the Ancient Town of Redding
-19th-century photographs and postcards

You can find more local and state resources here:

-Digital Commonwealth
-Flint Memorial Library Local History Blog
-Leventhal Map Center: Boston & New England Maps
-List of Historic Properties in North Reading
-Massachusetts Archives
-Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System
-North Reading Historical and Antiquarian Society