Welcome to Zinio! A new free, magazine service available to Flint Memorial Library patrons!

To access Zinio, you will browse for magazines on your computer or your Internet browser by clicking here. You may then read the magazine on your browser, or by downloading the Zinio for Libraries app:


Helpful Hints:

Peruse the magazine selection in your Internet browser. Choose a magazine and check out. You will be asked to enter your library card number and create a Zinio for Libraries account.

You may read your magazine in either the browser or the Zinio for Libraries app. If using one of the above devices, it is easy to use the Zinio for Libraries app!

Download the app using the links above.

Open the app and then choose United States > Maryland > Popular 50 Magazine Collection. The magazine collection is a shared collection for libraries throughout the United States and is not specific to the Flint Memorial Library, which is why you will not see the library on the list for Massachusetts.

Once you have entered your library card number, and your┬áZinio for Libraries account, you can go to Settings and “Sync Library.” That will send your magazine from the browser to your app immediately.

Download the magazine and you can read it from wherever you are! It is yours to keep.

There are no download limits!


Zinio FAQs are here for: