July’s Featured Artist: Cambia Davis

framed watercolor painting of a cabbage

In 2009, Cambia Davis, aka Cornelia Davis, retired from her full-time job at Harvard Library’s Preservation Department and discovered her great love of watercolor painting. She knows it is a lifetime endeavor and plans to pursue it as long as she can. She thanks her painting teachers, past and present: her grandmother Cornelia, Kate Finnegan, Gary Tucker, and Marjorie Glick.

On a late autumn walk in the Community Garden at Fresh Pond in Cambridge, Cambia came upon a cabbage which she photographed. That cabbage has provided inspiration for a series of paintings. On that same walk, a host of hostas also caught her camera’s eye and became subjects for several paintings. Cambia finds these quotidian plants rather soothing.

Living in the neighborhood of the Flint Memorial Library, Cambia has found many nearby potential paintings: the mini-mall across the street, the oak tree on the Common, the aging tow-truck on Park Street, dandelions, and brilliant orange and scarlet maple trees in autumn.

Cambia’s exhibit will be featured for the entire month of July through August 13th. She can be reached by phone or text message at 617-817-5872 and by email at cambia716davis@yahoo.com. Since she lives nearby, she may be able to pop over for a personal tour of the exhibit.

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