Looking for fun (and educational) websites and games? Look no further! Here are some of our favorites at Flint Memorial Library.

Wondropolis – Questions submitted by kids, answered by experts

Fact Monster – Let Frank the Fact Monster help you with your homework or just give you some information you may not already know! Also games and trivia.

Starfall – Reading and phonics fun

Fun Brain – Popular games, videos and books

Storyline Online – Your favorite books read by awesome people

Toy Theater – Educational games for kindergarten through third grade

ABC YA – Educational games for preK through fifth grade

Brain Pop Jr – Games for all topics

Twisty Noodle – Learning coloring pages

NASA Kids – Go to outer space!

I Spy – I spy with my little eye…

Highlights for Kids – One of our favorite magazines!

National Geographic for Kids – Another favorite!

PBS Learning – Learn from the best!

Scholastic News – News just for kids

Smithsonian – Explore the Smithsonian’s kids’ site

Sports Illustrated for Kids – Learn about your favorite athletes and sports

Time for Kids – More news for kids

ABC Mouse – FREE on all library computers – games for children ages 2 through 8+

PBS Kids – games that align with PBS programming

NRPS Typing Agent – You will need your NRPS login for this!

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